What Is Telegram Bot

What Is Telegram Bot

One of the amazing features of Telegram App is the Telegram bot, which allows you to create internal applications.

For example, you can create a bot and connect it to a server and it will do something for you when you click buttons on the bot.

Telegram Bot Usages

To be more clear let me show you a example:

You can develop a calculator application > Then put it on a server > Then connect it to a telegram bot > Then controlling the calculator through the bot by pressing the buttons.

Or you can develop a bot and put it in a Telegram group and it will automatically manage the group.

We also used the telegram API to create some helpful bot like telegram post forwarding bot that can help you to forward your telegram posts automatically from the other channels to your channel and contrariwise.

Also we developed another bot to send automatic reactions for telegram.

How to create Telegram Bot

  1. Click on @BotFather
  2. Press the “start” Button
  3. Click on “/newbot”
  4. Choose a name for your bot
  5. Choose a username. It must end in bot. Like: TetrisBot or tetris_bot.
  6. And done, it will give you a token

If you are a developer, you can put that token in your application by following the Telegram API and do whatever you need through that.