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Seems like you need to buy online telegram group members.we will add fake members to telegram group and also we have fake telegram members generator tool for groups.

So you can read the description below and start here.

now you can buy non drop telegram members for your channel and groups.

Buy telegram group members

In this case you can buy telegram group members as cheapest price ever.

Telegram is one of the biggest online social media service that early using for marketing as well.

You can create and telegram channel and showing up your services and your products to people in this application.

Buy telegram group members

Buy fake telegram group members

Also we can add up to 50,000 fake group subscribers as well.

Actually the type of this members are fake and people also calling them telegram fake group subscribers.

This members will just increase your group number and they have not activity for your business.

So if you need activity you should buy targeted telegram members.

This accounts are created by virtual numbers and it’s safe for your groups and tested too many times within too many years.

Add fake member to telegram group

For add fake member to telegram group we need your group Link

Advantages of Service

  • it have very low drop rate within the time
  • low cost rate
  • the members are adding legal and safe
  • ultra fast speed about 20k per day

When my order will take start and will be completed?

Actually when you ordering this service, we will put your order in the queue and your order will get starting within 24 hrs.

Also it will be completed depends on the quantity of your order, usually 20k per day.

This members are stable?

Actually we should say all of the telegram members even your account, if you do not use it for up to 6 months, telegram will delete that account automatically.

So this members are stable till telegram finding them.

Also Telegram always updating their policies and sometimes they finding telegram fake channel subscribers and they will just delete them from your channel.

Fake telegram member generator

MemberTel team developed a tool that calling fake telegram member generator.

By this method we can add up to 50k fake members to any telegram group within 24 hrs.

The speed of adding is so fast and is safe for your group.

We already tested this method too many times in different groups.

The most of this members have profile and all of them have specific names.

Buy Online Telegram Members

Recently we updated our panel and added Fake Online Members feature for this service.

So now we can add the fake members to your group that can increase your Online members counter.

This option will help you to make more trust with your customers because always peoples checking the Online status of your group !

Buy Telegram members with credit card

in this case you can Buy Telegram members with credit card easy and fast and secure.

we accept all of the master card and visa cards in all of the countries.

Buy Telegram members with credit card

Buy non drop telegram members

telegram always updating their policies and they trying to detect the fake members from the channels and groups.

That’s why when you adding fake members to your channel or group, after some days you can see your members keep dropping slowly.

We developed a new method to add non drop telegram members to your channels and groups.

By this method we will guarantee your members for 2 months.

In some cases they will remain in your channel even up to 2 years but sometimes telegram sending a new update and your members will dropping again.

You can buy non drop telegram members from this page easily

Here you can see an example channel about non drop telegram members:

buy non drop telegram members

we added 1018 members at 24 Aug in this channel and even 1 members not dropped yet.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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