Telegram post translator bot


by Telegram post translator bot you can translate your telegram channel posts and share them automatically in different channels in multiple languages


What is Telegram post translator bot

Through the post translator bot you can translate your telegram channel posts in several languages easily and automatically.

how to use telegram translate bot

You just need to share the posts in your main channel and the bot will translate and share that in other channels automatically.

telegram multi language channel creator

Through this bot you can save your time 5x. no need to manage the channels one by one and just share your posts in your main channel.

telegram automatic post translation

We developed this bot by using Telegram Api, Google Translate API and it powered by Python Language that it’s so fast and usable for Telegram Bot development.

best telegram translate bot

Telegram is one of the best platform to build up your business creatively with amazing features.

This open-source application let you to develop your personal telegram bots and make your business more creative.

Even it allow you to create E-commerce bots and increase your sales and attract more people.

Recently we developed a bot that can translate your channels posts automatically in multiple languages.

That’s so useful for the people who have several channels in different languages and want to save his time as more as they can.

For example most of the big companies for each language and country have a specific channel and managing all of them together and sharing and translating the posts for each one is so hard and take too many time.

create telegram channel multiple languages

That’s it, you can create several channels with different languages and share posts in multi languages.

telegram channel post translation automatically

Translate and share the posts in your channel automatically.

google translate telegram bot

We using Google Translate API to translate your posts without any mistakes and issues

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