buy telegram reactions

buy telegram reactions

What is telegram reactions?

Telegram Reactions is one of the new telegram features that allow peoples to share their feeling below each post of your channel or group.

You can Enable or disable this option for your telegram channel or group

Once you enable the Telegram Reactions, your channel subscribers can share their feeling by selecting an Emoji like 👍👎❤️🔥🥰👏😁🤔🤯😱🤬😢🎉🤩🤮💩 .

We providing a service to increase your telegram channel reactions automatically and manually.

This service can help your channel to seems be more legit because your subscribers will see your posts taken reactions by peoples.

If you wish to buy telegram reactions for your channel and you don’t know how to start it you can watch our tutorial videos and if you have more questions feel free to contact us.

Telegram Reactions Bot Requirements

In this section want to explain about telegram reactions requirements and how to add reactions on telegram channel.

First of all you should enable telegram reactions and if you don’t know how to enable reactions in telegram, you can check it here.

Maybe you want to ask this reactions coming from real telegram accounts or fake accounts. This reactions coming from fake telegram accounts but using telegram reactions is helpful to create a massive telegram channel.

To make your channel bigger you need contents, fake members, real members, automatic views, promotion and too many other factors.

Telegram Reactions Bot

That’s proud of MemberTel Team to be the first company who providing a powerful and flexible Telegram Reactions Bot to send reactions on your channel posts manually and even automatically just by following some easy steps.

Through our Reactions bot you can create several profiles and put your favorite Emojis there and set quantity for each Emoji and use that profiles whenever you need.

You can even set random number for the quantity of sent Emojis, for example send 2 to 10 ❤️. The bot will choose a random number from 2 to 10 !!!

There is another amazing feature that is you can even set quantity of selected Emojis. for example you created a profile that included this emojis: 👍👎❤️🔥🥰👏😁🤔 and you can set quantity like 2 to 8 and the bot will select 2 to 8 Emojis randomly.

It’s totally flexible to cover your need for any type of business.

We also providing Telegram Automatic Views for your channel posts as well.

How To Increase Telegram Channel Reactions

First of all you should Enable your channel reactions.

Then you can place your order and we will contact you to give you access to the panel to send the reactions as your wish.

You can charge your panel from 5$ to 1k$ and when you using the reaction service, it will use from your balance.

We providing both manual and automatic reactions and you can use it by your need.

We created this video to get a better understanding of our Reactions Bot to you.

Through this bot you can send multiple reactions just by 2 clicks.

Buy Telegram Automatic Reactions

We providing Automatic Telegram Reactions as well.

to buy telegram automatic reactions just place your order and our team will contact you to give you access on the bot to use the features.

We developed a bot to control the reactions and customize it by yourself.

By activating this service, once you sharing a post, the reactions coming automatically.

The automatic reactions will make your channel looks more active and legal.

The Telegram Automatic Reactions bot is so flexible and you can create several packages in the bot and manage them easily.

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