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What is Telegram Subscribers?

Telegram is one of the most powerful platforms for personal communications and you can also use it for introducing your business and increasing your sale.

You can create a channel or group through the Telegram platform according to your needs and invite new members in different ways.

The “Telegram Members” is a product that allows us to add people to telegram channels and groups.

This action can be effective to increase your channel or group audience.

There is 2 types of Subscribers, Real and Fake Telegram Members

If you want to increase the number of users of your Telegram group or channel, our product is exactly what you need.

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Why Should I Buy Telegram Group Members?

To increase your group engagement and grow it in short time we prefer you to buy telegram group members.

You can create a wide audience through the telegram platform and introduce your expertise and to achieve your goal you will need to attract more people.

Adding members to your telegram group saving the time

By adding more members in Telegram groups you will achieve higher interaction. That’s why we prefer help you Telegram group by our packages and increase your telegram group member count.

You can buy telegram group members To increase your channel views and also increase your sale.

So you can place your order now and increase your telegram members in shortest time.


Telegram Group Members Package Benefits

We providing the Telegram group members in highest quality ever that can increase your group audience fast and safety.

MemberTel using special algorithm to increase your telegram group members without accepting any risk.

Also we developed a new way to create Anti-Block groups, for more info contact Support.

  • Increasing your telegram members number count
  • Increasing group audience
  • Increasing the sale
  • Make your brand famous
  • Improving the group rank in search results
  • More members, More income
  • Attract targeted members
  • Fair rates of product
  • Earning money through Advertising
  • Safe and fast
  • Finding investors
  • Increase your channel views by forwarding your channel posts in your group.
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How to Buy Telegram Group Members Package?

There is a few easy steps to buy telegram group members from

We providing different gateways to accept the payments so you can place your order easily through Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay and also most of the Crypto Currencies without paying TAX and extra charges.

That means you will pay equal amount of product.

There is 2 types of Telegram Members, Fake members and Real members.

Here we explained How to Buy Telegram Group Members Package:

  1. Go to the product page
  2. Select your quantity on drop-down menu
  3. Enter your Telegram group link
  4. Enter your Telegram username for next communications
  5. click on “Add to card” and you will be redirect to the card page
  6. Review your check and click on “proceed to checkout”
  7. Fill out the Billing details from and select your payment method
  8. Click on ‘Place Order” and done.

Where to Buy Telegram Subscribers

There are many websites to buy Telegram subscribers, but we prefer to check some protocols before placing an order to get the best result:

  1. Go to and check the website information to see how much experience the target website currently has, which will help you find a better provider with better service quality.
  2. Check user reviews and experience at , It surely help you to find the best service provider.
  3. Use websites that guarantee their services.
  4. Talk to the website’s customer support and check their responsiveness.
  5. And the most important thing is Check the overall quality of the website like UI, features, blog section. The best websites always update their content !
Where to Buy Telegram Subscribers

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Buy Telegram Channel Members

This is one of the most popular services that allows you to increase you channel subscribers.

We adding 600k telegram members to the channels through new algorithms as fastest speed.

Adding the Fake subscribers bring trust for your channels and even most of the big projects using this service to boost their channels.

It can also improve your telegram channel search rank, so people can find your channel just by searching the keywords in telegram search bar. Note that to shown your channel in search box, your channel type should be public.

You can increase your sale 10x more than usual just by boosting your telegram search bar by boosting a good keyword and title.

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How can i increase my channel members?

When you creating a channel, you can invite up to 200 peoples from your contacts. so if you need more members maybe you should Buy Telegram Channel Members

Adding telegram members have risk?

It’s depending on you trying to add witch type of members. by the way all of our methods are safe and we keep adding the real and fake members in special method to avoid bring any issues.

How is drop rate?

The fake members about 30% and if you use the non drop server, the percentage will reduce almost 0%. and for targeted members less than 10%.

What is our payment methods?

We accept most of the Crypto Currencies, PayPal, Perfect Money and you can also pay by credit card.

What is fake telegram members?

This is a type of members and we selling it like a product. this type of members have not any activity and they are just for increasing your channel and group numbers.

How to get real members on telegram?

The only legal way to add real members in Telegram groups is through the scraping bot. We can extract active usernames from Telegram groups and invite them to your Telegram group.

How many subscribers we can add?

According to Telegram’s new updates to add fake members in channels and groups, we can add 10,000 people daily and for real members it depends on your country.

Is it legal to buy telegram members?

Yes, we follow the Telegram API to provide our services in the best possible way

What is the best way to add members?

There are 2 ways. Fake members and targeted members. We prefer to use both of them together

How to boost my telegram channel?

We prefer this tips:

Are the channel members stable?

Yes, in most of the cases they are stable but note that in some cases a part of them will drop.

Is Password required?

No matter what product you want to buy on the site, no password or user information is required.

How can i buy telegram group members?

Go to the “telegram group members” product and enter your group link and your telegram username then place your order.

What does telegram members do?

by increasing your group members increases, the size of your group increases, and your engagement increases.

Will telegram noticed you bought members?

No, because we sending organic members to your telegram group.

Why should i buy telegram members

You can create large audiences within the Telegram app and increase your sales in any fields. adding telegram group members increase your overall popularity.

Buy Telegram Members UK

The MemberTel team is proud to offer Telegram services for the UK, so you can easily buy Telegram members in the UK and we have also provided several payment gateways for your quick and easy ordering in the UK.

You can also check Trustpilot and see what people said about us. MemberTel company providing the telegram services since telegram has been released and that make us happy to get our services updated

Buy Telegram Members in Deutschland

We also offer high quality members for German people, so you can contact the support team and start your conversation in Deutsch language and also easily buy Telegram members in Deutschland.

You can also buy non-drop telegram members with 2 month of guarantee as well, kindly note that, this members will stay in your channel or group till telegram delete them from the server.

Buy Telegram Members USA

If you looking for targeted members in USA, you are in right place

We providing too many telegram services to people who lives in USA and we developed special marketing methods for most of the business cases.

Our support team is online 24/7 so if you have any questions feel free to contact us or if you have any suggestions for us we are ready to hear that.