buy telegram channel members

buy telegram channel members

Buy fake telegram members

You want to Buy Fake Telegram Members and followers for your channel? MemberTel is the best place to buy telegram channel subscribers and buy telegram channel member

Telegram is one of the best social media services.

It’s also a perfect place to improve your businesses and increase your product sale.

We also providing the fake telegram members for channels in highest quality ever.

The drop rate of this service is less than 30%.

MemberTel also providing non-drop members For people who need stable members. it will stay on your telegram channel till telegram delete them.

How to buy fake telegram subscribers

If you want to buy fake telegram subscribers and haven’t enough information, kindly read the description below.

The fake members means the members who have not activity and people usually using this service to increase their channel subscribers.

But note that it will not help to increase your channel views and for views you should Buy Telegram Auto views

People calling them bots or bot members and we creating this members by Virtual Numbers

Also note that this is just for Telegram Channels and for groups you should Buy Telegram Group Members

Fake telegram members benefits

Let’s explain it by an example. there is too many channels that have “Buy Telegram Members” title and you looking to order from one of them.

We want to ask, you will choose witch channel? the channel with a few members or the channel with Thousands of subscribers? That’s the reason

The huge Fake Telegram Members and appropriate channel views will bring trust for your visitors.

Increasing telegram channel members also help you to boost your telegram channel rank.

For example when you searching on telegram search bar for “Buy Telegram Subscribers” telegram will show the channels with higher numbers subscribers.

Rules of adding fake members to your telegram channel

  • To add the fake members we need your channel link and it’s better to provide your private channel link to boost the adding speed.
  • Because of telegram new policies and safety we will not add all the members at once and we will add up-to 5k members per day
  • You can place order up-to 200k subscribers
  • You should not change your channel link till we complete the addition

Additional information


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