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Add targeted telegram members without deleting group In this case we want show you how to Create AntiBlocking Telegram Group […]


Add targeted telegram members without deleting group

In this case we want show you how to Create AntiBlocking Telegram Group and introduce a new service that help you to add targeted telegram members without deleting the group.

Most of the social media platforms have a algorithm to detect who spamming and breaking the laws.

Telegram also following this laws and when you trying to invite too many people to your group, they think your actions is unusual and if a few people was reporting your group at advance, it make some risks for your telegram group and maybe they include some limitations and even they delete your group.

That’s why we developed a new way to scrap telegram members without deleting the destination group.

In this way we creating a telegram group for you and we adding the targeted members through a new way, then we will transfer the group’s ownership to you.

By this method we can add 3k to 5k members just in a few hrs while it’s so much faster than old method.

Kindly note that because of some hierarchy you can not place order for less than 3k and more than 5k.

Also we guaranteed the group during the adding process for any upcoming issues.

Kindly note that, we will transfer the ownership after 48 hrs.

Requirements of the service

To placing your order we will need this items:

  1. A name for the group
  2. A username to set on it
  3. A logo for group profile
  4. Some big group links as source to extract their usernames.

Telegram Members Dragging Group without risk

This service is used for most of the businesses and of course to promote the Crypto-Currency projects, that means when you want to advertise a coin or token, you will have a shot time to attract the investors in the starting times and it’s so important to find more investors in a short time and by this way you can add 3000 to 5000 peoples in your telegram groups that should be enough to lunch a project.

So that’s the way, we Create the AntiBlocking Telegram Group then dragging the telegram members to group up to 5k without risk!

In old way of adding targeted members we had to add the members slowly and even in some cases it had risk and if too many peoples report the group during the process, telegram was deleting the group.

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3k, 5k

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  1. Adnan

    super fast, they really scraped 3100 members together!!

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