buy telegram votes

buy telegram votes

in this case you can buy telegram votes for your poll as cheapest prices. votes for telegram sometimes is useful. to buy telegram vote you can start here.

Votes For Poll

Telegram is a powerful social media app that also providing poll for your posts in channel and groups.

another thing is you can use this cool option to make your available customers and your members in your channel to be active and get them involved in the discussions.

this options are coming from telegram bots.

telegram bots are using telegram API to provide some options and tools for your channel or group.

we can do too many things with this bots like creating the polls or even we can create a internal application with this amazing option.

also there is too many bots already created by peoples and Telegram Co. you can do cool things with this bots.

so here you can see some examples about bots:

  • @joinhider_bot
  • @combot

With this telegram vote bot you can:

  • run a race for your members
  • share optional content in your channel or groups
  • and know about your subscribers polls about your content …

buy telegram votes

buy telegram vote

likewise for now we can increase channel polls to at least 5000 votes.

this is rather we can increase channel votes and group votes even the type of channel or group is private.

if you want to use telegram votes we just need the link of the vote post.

also kindly note that the channel can be public or private during sending the votes.

Advantages of telegram votes service

  • zero drop rate
  • 100% safe
  • high capacity at least 5k
  • high speed
  • vote for groups
  • vote for channels
  • link can be public or private

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