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Today we want to show you how telegram shilling service working. Telegram Shill Bot is a tools to create Telegram fake conversation. ready to know how to shill on telegram?

Telegram shilling bot helps you to increase your group activity.

Through this bot you can send automatic messages by several accounts and create a fake conversation in your telegram group.

This bot can increase your telegram group audience and it will help you to attract more people in your business and in long time it will increase your popularity.

We developed this telegram bot by following the telegram API and also we created a user friendly design for that to use it easily.

Telegram Auto Message Sender Bot

Now we want to show you how to shill on telegram step by step by using our shilling bot.

You can control the bot by yourself or let us to activate the bot for you.

This bot is so flexible and you can set Delay for sending each message.

Even you can set how many accounts should send messages in the group.

  1. start the bot
  2. click on add package
  3. set a name for your package
  4. enter your first message
  5. enter your second message ( note that you can set unlimited messages )
  6. click on done
  7. enter the delay of sending each message ( by seconds )
  8. enter the quantity of accounts
  9. enter the group

All done, now you can go to show packages > tap to activate the package.

telegram shilling bot

How to Shill a Crypto Token on Telegram Groups

One of the most popular topics, is shilling the crypto tokens on telegram group.

We want to give you some tips about how to do it to get the best results and avoid from blocking your telegram accounts by group admins and moderators.

  1. Don’t shill the links directly to groups
  2. Use GIF and Images to promote your token
  3. Create different GIFs and advertisement messages
  4. Set long delay to send each messages
  5. Find Shill-Friendly Telegram Groups

Telegram Message Shiller

There is some groups in telegram for shilling and they allow you to promote your business there by some rolls. you can use the telegram search bar and search for Telegram Shilling Groups to find some groups. also we provided some group links in a separate article and we prefer to take a look.

Additional information

shilling package

1 Month Shilling, 1 Month Shilling + 200 accounts


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