Telegram Shill Bot

Telegram Shill Bot

MemberTel providing the telegram shilling service and we will show you how to send automatic messages to telegram groups. Fake Telegram Chat Generator. ready to know how to shill on telegram?

In this case we providing the telegram shilling bot for your groups to increase your group activity.

Your telegram group is empty and nobody not interesting to chat in your group or they not using your services? the answer is the telegram shilling service.

The telegram shilling bot have several usages in marketing and through this bot you can shilling telegram groups and create telegram fake conversation in your group.

You can send more than 200 different messages by 200 different accounts and all of the accounts have real names and profile pictures.

This bot can increase your telegram group audience and it will help you to attract more people in your business and in long time it will increase your popularity.

Let’s see how it’s works.

How to shill on telegram

Now we want to show you how to shill on telegram step by step by using our shilling bot. You can control the bot by yourself or let us to activate the bot for you.

If you have any questions contact Online Support.

That’s true. now we providing the telegram shill bot and you can use it easily.

You can rent the telegram shilling service monthly and control it by yourself.

This bot is so flexible and you can set Delay of sending them messages.

Even you can set how many accounts should send messages in the group.

You can make a real conversation through this bot in your telegram group.

how to send automatic messages to telegram group

To know how to send automatic messages to telegram group stay with us.

  1. start the bot
  2. click on add package
  3. set a name for your package
  4. enter your first message
  5. enter your second message ( note that you can set unlimited messages )
  6. click on done
  7. enter the delay of sending each message ( by seconds )
  8. enter the quantity of accounts
  9. enter the group

All done, now you can go to show packages > tap to activate the package.

As you can see in this picture we sent some chats through several accounts by our telegram shilling bot.

telegram shilling bot

Telegram shilling service

another thing that you should know about how to shill on telegram is if you want to use this bot to make a real conversation, you should set the messages equal to the accounts.

for example:

  • account x will send “hi”
  • account y will send “hi what’s up”
  • account z will send “anybody there?”

so if you want to set 3 messages in telegram shill bot, so you should activate 3 accounts also.

by the way even if you don’t like to config the bot by yourself, our team will activate it for you and you just need to share your messages to us.

After the configuration, you can start the bot and it will send the messages automatically to your group one by one.

Telegram fake conversation

creating the telegram fake conversation will be effective if you use in correctly:

first of all you should have several accounts to send messages.

In telegram shill bot if you send all of the messages with the same account, people will know it’s a robot.

you can buy telegram accounts in any quantity as your wish and use them for telegram shilling service.

Use delay between the sending messages:

adding long delays will make your chat more real.

for example it’s better to wait 2 hrs after sending each message by each account.

Shilling telegram groups

the last thing about telegram shilling service is finding shilling telegram groups.

if you want to advertise on telegram through shilling bot you should find some groups for shilling that they wont block your accounts.

we providing a list of groups that will not block your accounts because of sharing links.

Fake Telegram Chat Generator

the Fake Telegram Chat Generator bot can help you to create fake conversation in your telegram group.

this method make your group to look more legit and also it can increase your natural chat activity.

shilling bot is a good stuff for improve your business on telegram.

How to Shill a Crypto Token on Telegram Groups in 2023

MemberTel Team always looking to find the best strategies to increase your group audience and channel popularity and now we developed a new tool that helps you to increase your product sales.

One of the most popular topics is shilling the crypto tokens on telegram group, so we want to give you some tips about how to do it to get the best results and avoid from blocking your telegram accounts by group admins and moderators.

Most of the crypto groups has been protected by anti-spam and anti-link bots and you should pass them and if you share links, they will block your account automatically.

Use GIF and Images to promote your token

If you want to promote your crypto token, it’s better to create some attractive banners and GIFs and put your channel or group links in the picture. So by this method you can promote your content and pass the protection bots.

Create different GIFs and advertisement messages

If you share same messages all time, the group moderators will notice that you are using a bot to send the messages and finally they will find and block the shill accounts.

Set long delay to send each messages

Nobody don’t like spamming the messages so make sure you set long delay between sending each message to avoid disturbing the members and keep sending the messages softly 🙂

Find Shill-Friendly Telegram Groups

There is some groups in telegram for shilling and they allow you to promote your business there by some rolls. you can use the telegram search bar and search for Telegram Shilling Groups to find some groups. also we provided some group links in a separate article and we prefer to take a look.

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