What Is Telegram Group and Channel?

What Is Telegram Group and Channel?

Telegram is a social media application that allows you to communicate with your friends, create several channels and also groups. stay with us to know What Is Telegram Group and Channel

What Is Telegram Channel?

A telegram channel allow you to share your mind as a post and people can join there to see your content.

In the telegram channels just admins have access to share posts.

The telegram channels also have ability to see how many peoples saw your posts that can be so helpful.

Even you can allow people to send reactions on your telegram posts

When you creating a telegram channel, you can invite just 100 peoples and after that if you need more members you should add fake members to your channel.

What Is Telegram Group

In the telegram groups everyone can talk and share contents.

There is no view counter to check how many people saw your posts.

You can invite unlimited contact and usernames in the groups while the channels haven’t this ability.

But recently telegram updated their policies and it’s no easy to add any amount of usernames and you can use targeted members service or you should create a AntiBlocking group.

There is 2 types for telegram channels and groups, Public and private mode that you can modify and change the type anytime.

Telegram Public channel and group features

  • Anyone can find and join your channel
  • The public channels will be reachable on telegram search bar

Telegram Private channel and group features

  • Just the people who have your private link can join the channel
  • you can create multiple private links to manage the joined peoples
  • Create one-time join links
  • Ability to modify the people who want to join and approve them manually

How to switch a telegram channel or group to private or public?

To modify your channel type here:

Go to your Channel or Group profile > Edit > Channel or Group Type





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