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We know that one of the most important capabilities in telegram messaging is the existence of different channels.

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The channel is said to be the Internet media created in the context of the telegram messenger.

Anyone can create a channel for themselves and publish the content within it.

Channel content can be audio, video, and even software.

Now the question arises as to who is sending this content and what is its significance? Hereinafter referred to as subscribers to the channel, they will be able to receive content sent by the channel administrator.

why we should buy telegram members?

When you are managing a channel, you definitely want the content inside your channel to be read by more people and your main goal is to share more power.

You need to find more members for your channel, and the more members you have, the more credible your channel will be.

There are various ways to increase telegraph memory, some are banner exchanges with other channels, some prefer to have ads on popular sites, and so on.

Buying a genuine telegram memo can also be one of the fastest and most reliable methods. The next thing that is a little worrying about this route is that buying a telegram member is sometimes followed by a fake route, which makes you not satisfied with the conditions on the route, so be careful when buying a member.

What is Telegram Member?

To buy a telegram member you have to pay to a site or company and the company can make a telegram purchase in different ways.

in this case you can buy fake telegram members fast and secure.

Now the question is how should we buy a members? You can find a huge list of sites that help you buy members online with a simple search.

But the question is, are all the sites displayed reliable? Certainly not.

Your telegram memo is actually the heart of your channel.

If your members are fake it will definitely become clear after a while and other main members will leave your channel due to the fake space created.

Therefore, the purchase of telegram members should be done from reliable sites.

Teams working to buy telegrams must have sufficient knowledge and expertise.

In this section we are trying to explain clearly how we can increase the number of telegrams.

how to add fake member to telegram channel

There are several ways to do this:

One of the methods we use is the Push Ed method.

In this way, members automatically enter your channel through an unofficial program, which can be done in the same way that a user enters a telegram through a separate app.

In such an app, there is a section where the owner can hide members in the desired channel.

This process is one of the most important methods of buying members and is one of the fast and inexpensive methods compared to other options.

Another way to buy a telegram memo is pop-up.

Need More Members?

This will give you a pop-up window that actually asks you to join the channel.

Notification method of increasing telegram members

Another method of buying a telegram memo is this method.

In this way, users receive a notification that asks for a channel or group request.

By touching this option, the user deliberately or unintentionally enters the channel.

To do this, programmers use a set of interface codes.

According to reviews, this method is more valuable than previous options and is the best way to increase telegraph memory.

In this way, the drop rate is very low and users are interested in the channel and will never escape it when the user wants it.

There is no insistence on this method, but the announcement is sure to attract the user. Keep in mind that this method is more expensive than other options.






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