free telegram member

free telegram member

There are many ways to get free Telegram members. if you know them, you don’t need to spend lots of money. You can use these methods for any channel or group and get a free Telegram member.

Although you can buy Telegram member, be sure to use these free methods to reduce your costs.

how to get free telegram members

One of the most effective and efficient ways to increase group or channel members is exchange.

In this method, you have to find groupsĀ  that are willing to exchange with yours.

After that reach an agreement with their manager.

To exchange, you should put a banner to introduce the desired group along with its link in your group. also he will do the same.

Also You can agree on how long the banner will remain in the channel.

So For this snake, it is better to choose groups or channels for cooperation whose topic is almost same with your topic to get better results

Exchange members to increase free telegram member by 3 ways

You can cooperate with the manager of the desired group in 3 different ways to exchange members and reach an agreement

Member exchange with view count

In this method, you agree on the desired number of views of the banner and do not remove the banner until the number of views reaches the desired number.its better to your banner have high quality

Hourly exchange of members

In this method, you and the manager of the desired group agree that your banner will remain on it for period of time.

In this method, you must design an attractive banner that can get a good result.

Permanent exchange of members

In this way, your banner will stay in the desired group forever and will never be deleted.

In this way, whenever new members enter the group, they can see your banner. Especially if it is pinned, the results are amazing.

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