Telegram new profile features

Telegram new profile features

In this article you will learn more about Telegram new profile features such as Telegram Recommended Channels, Personalized Profiles, add your birthday to your profile on telegram, How to add Channels on Your Profile, telegram collectible username, telegram channel statistics and Telegram Voice Chats update.

The introduction of Telegram’s recent update has ushered in an array of captivating features, empowering users to personalize their profiles and elevate their messaging experience. From showcasing cherished moments to streamlining channel management, this comprehensive guide delves into the intricate details of these enhancements, equipping you with the knowledge to harness their full potential.

Telegram Recommended Channels: new profile features

Telegram’s revamped search interface now boasts a dedicated ‘Channels’ tab, serving as a centralized hub for the channels you follow. However, the true novelty lies in the introduction of recommended channels, tailored to your interests based on the topics of the channels you already subscribe to. This intelligent recommendation system ensures a seamless exploration of new content creators and subject matter aligned with your preferences.

Navigating through your subscribed channels has never been more convenient. With a simple upward swipe, you can effortlessly transition to the next unread channel in your list. Once you’ve traversed all your channels, the platform invites you to delve into the recommended channels, fostering a continuous journey of discovery.

Telegram’s channel recommendations are meticulously curated, considering only the overarching themes of your existing subscriptions. This intelligent approach ensures a diverse and relevant array of recommendations, free from any unintended biases or preferences.

Telegram new profile features: Personalized Profiles on telegram

Personalized Profiles is also one of the Telegram new profile features.

Telegram’s latest update introduces a dedicated ‘My Profile’ section within your Settings, enabling you to view your profile as others perceive it. This feature empowers you to effortlessly edit or modify any information, ensuring a cohesive and accurate representation of your digital identity.

Elevating the personalization experience, you can now pin up to three stories to the top of your profile page, showcasing your achievements, memorable moments, or even that whimsical encounter with a feline fashionista in an elevator. Additionally, intuitive icons provide a clear visual representation of the privacy settings for your posted stories, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding accessibility.

add your birthday to your profile on telegram

On telegram new profile features you can Celebrate your friend’s Birthdays on Telegram easily!

Telegram now offers the ability to add your birthday to your profile, enabling your contacts to celebrate this joyous occasion with you. On your special day, anyone visiting your profile will be greeted with a delightful animation of confetti and balloons, creating a festive atmosphere.

Furthermore, a prominent banner appears in your chat list when it’s someone else’s birthday, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to extend your warmest wishes. If you’ve forgotten to prepare a gift, Telegram provides a convenient solution – a simple tap on the banner allows you to gift a subscription to Telegram Premium, showcasing your thoughtfulness with ease.

By default, your date of birth is visible only to your contacts, ensuring privacy. However, Telegram offers granular control over this information through the ‘Settings > Privacy and Security > Date of Birth’ menu, empowering you to tailor the visibility to your preferences.

How to add Channels on Your Profile

If you’re the proud owner of a channel, Telegram’s latest update allows you to showcase it prominently on your profile page. This feature displays a detailed preview of your channel’s latest post above your bio, providing visitors with a tantalizing glimpse into your personal projects, online portfolios, or company blogs, all within a single tap.

If you are owner of a channel, we can help you as well to boost your channel rank as well in a short time.

Telegram new profile features: telegram collectible username

Telegram’s collectible usernames have always been a coveted asset, and now, owners of these exclusive identifiers can link them to their Telegram account or channels. These collectible usernames will be prominently displayed on your profile page, adding a touch of distinction to your digital presence.

Tapping on a collectible username or anonymous number on someone’s profile now reveals additional information about the collectible, including when it was acquired and its associated value. This transparency not only satisfies curiosity but also fosters a deeper appreciation for these rare digital assets.

Collectibles can be bought and sold on the Fragment platform, which leverages the cutting-edge TON blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent transactions.

telegram share location permanently

Now you can share location permanently on telegram.

Telegram’s location-sharing capabilities have been enhanced, allowing you to share your live location with individual users or entire group chats. This feature is particularly useful when meeting up with friends or embarking on a journey, enabling others to follow your progress and even set alerts for your arrival.

Furthermore, Telegram now offers the option to extend the duration of an existing location sharing session indefinitely, eliminating the need to constantly renew the sharing request. This ensures a seamless coordination experience, allowing you to focus on the moment rather than managing technicalities.

It’s important to note that the ability to share your live location indefinitely is entirely under your control. You can choose to stop sharing at any time, and your location data remains private and secure, visible only to the individuals or groups you’ve authorized.

telegram channel statistics

Telegram also updated the statistics of the channels and improved the channel management.

For channel admins, Telegram’s latest update brings a host of improvements to streamline the management and engagement of your audience. You can now view detailed statistics about the growth and engagement of your channel in real-time, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and refine your content strategy.

To enhance interaction with your subscribers, you can use the new ‘Post Views’ feature, which allows you to see how many views each post has received and the percentage of your audience that has seen it. This valuable insight enables you to gauge the impact of your content and tailor future posts for maximum reach and engagement.

Additionally, channel admins can now create invite links with custom expiration times, ensuring better control over who can join their channels and for how long. This feature is particularly useful for time-sensitive announcements or limited-time promotions, allowing you to maintain exclusivity and manage the influx of new members.

Telegram Voice Chats update

Telegram’s voice chats have been revamped with new features to facilitate seamless communication and connection. You can now see a visual representation of who is speaking at any given moment, with a highlighted circle around their profile picture. This visual cue adds a layer of immersion to the conversation, enhancing the overall experience.

Furthermore, voice chats now support a “raise hand” feature, enabling participants to indicate their desire to speak without interrupting ongoing conversations. This fosters a more organized and respectful environment, allowing everyone to have their turn to express their thoughts and opinions.

In large voice chats, admins have the option to limit the number of simultaneous speakers, ensuring a smoother and more manageable conversation flow. This feature helps maintain clarity and prevents overcrowding, enhancing the overall audio quality.

Telegram’s latest profile enhancements and updates showcase the platform’s commitment to providing a personalized and engaging messaging experience. From discovering new channels to showcasing your own projects, these features empower you to express your individuality and connect with others on a deeper level. Whether you’re a content creator, a social butterfly, or a channel admin, Telegram’s latest update has something to offer for everyone. So dive in, explore, and make the most of these exciting enhancements to elevate your Telegram experience to new heights.






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