Buy telegram members

buy telegram members

Today we want to talk about telegram members and how we can buy telegram members and subscribers for channels and groups

In this days telegram is one of the best places to promote anything in the world.

First of all we should say there is too many methods to add members in telegram channels and groups.

Each one have their advantages and disadvantages that we will talk about all of them below.

Buy telegram channel members

Actually in this time there is 2 method to add members in telegram channels.

  1. offline method
  2. online members – force add method

Telegram offline members

This members are created by virtual numbers and we will add them in each channel through telegram API.

Dropping rate of this method is so low and it’s between 205 to 30%

Also it’s so safe for telegram channels and we did not received any issues about abandoning any telegram channel because of this members within 3 years.

The maximum number of adding members on this method is about 50k members.

Also the speed of addition is about 2k to 5k per day right now.

The type of this members are offline so it will not bring views for your channel.

Telegram online members

This members are coming from unofficial telegram applications.

Actually we can add each person who using our unofficial telegram application to any channel as well.

Also people calling this method telegram force add method.

This method have two type of adding right now.

  1. hidden
  2. normal

How to buy telegram followers

In hidden option the people will don’t know we adding them to telegram channels

So the dropping rate will decreasing so much.

In normal method they will know we adding them to telegram channels

So after addition they can decide to stay in your channel or leave it.

Usually drop rate in hidden mode is about 30% and in normal mode is about 50% to 70%.

this is the best method to add bulk members to telegram channels.

Through this method we can add up to 500k members in channels within 48 hrs.

Kindly leave comment if you have any questions.

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