The Ultimate Guide to the Telegram Saved Messages Feature

Telegram Saved Messages Feature

Today we want to share The Ultimate Guide to the Telegram Saved Messages Feature. It’s a new telegram feature that is so helpful.

Telegram’s Saved Messages feature serves as a storage system for links, media, and bookmarks. It offers a convenient way to access important information within the app. With the recent update to Saved Messages 2.0, users can now organize their saved messages using tags and view them either by chat or as a compact list. Let’s delve deeper into these new features.

Telegram Saved Messages 2.0


Recently we learned How To Restore Deleted Telegram Chats and now we want to talk about Telegram Saved Messages version 2.0

The Saved Messages feature in Telegram serves as a digital notebook, allowing users to save and organize important messages, media, and links. It acts as a centralized hub for all your valuable content, making it easily accessible whenever you need it.

View Saved Messages by Chat

With the updated Saved Messages 2.0, users now have the option to view their saved messages by chat. This new feature allows you to see a list of private chats, groups, and channels from which you’ve forwarded messages. You can even pin your most frequently accessed chats to the top for quick access.

To switch between views, simply tap the title in your Saved Messages. You can also tap the ellipsis icon and select “View as Messages” or “View as Chats” to set your preferred mode.

Tags for Saved Messages

To further enhance organization, Telegram has introduced tags for Saved Messages. These tags, which are based on emojis, make it easy to categorize and filter your saved messages. Adding a tag is as simple as adding a reaction, and you can assign multiple tags to a single message.

To search within your Saved Messages, tap the icon in the top corner. Your tags will appear under the search bar, allowing you to filter your search results by a specific tag.

Saved Messages in Shared Media

Chats, groups, and channels all have a shared media section where you can access various types of content, including photos, links, and music. The Saved tab has been added to this section, enabling you to quickly access messages that you’ve forwarded to your Saved Messages.

Upgraded Search

Telegram has improved the search functionality across all chats, making it easier to find specific messages or content. The search results are now presented in a compact list, allowing for efficient navigation.

Tip: To open the search function in any chat, simply tap and hold on its title.

Telegram One-Time Voice and Video Messages

That’s amazing, now you can send Telegram One-Time Voice and Video Messages.

Telegram has introduced the View-Once setting for voice and video messages, allowing them to be played only once before being automatically deleted. This new feature adds a touch of excitement and privacy to your conversations.

View-Once Setting

To send a view-once message, hold down and swipe up to lock recording, then tap the view-once icon before sending. This ensures that the recipient can only view the message once, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Pause and Resume Recording

While recording a voice or video message, Telegram now allows you to pause and resume the recording instead of sending multiple messages. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience when creating longer voice or video messages.

To pause recording, swipe up to lock recording and tap the pause button. To resume recording, simply tap the microphone or camera icon again.

Set Read Time in Telegram Private Chats

In one-on-one private chats, Telegram now displays the exact time when your message was opened. This feature provides you with valuable information about the recipient’s engagement and responsiveness.

Granular Privacy Settings

To protect privacy, read times in private chats are only visible for seven days before being deleted, similar to groups. Telegram offers granular privacy settings, allowing you to control who can see your read times based on your Last Seen status.

One-Way Last Seen and Read Times

By default, hiding your last seen or read time from a user also hides theirs from you. However, with Telegram Premium, you can hide your last seen and read time while still being able to see the last seen and read times of users who share theirs with you.

If you hide your last seen or read time, it is always hidden from all users, including Premium users.

Telegram Private Message Permissions

Telegram Premium users have the ability to select who can send them messages. You can choose between “Everyone” or “My Contacts and Premium Users.” This feature allows you to tailor your messaging experience and prevent unwanted messages.

If you receive an unwanted message from another user, you can block them and alert the Telegram moderators by tapping the dedicated button at the top of the chat.

Faster Loading Time and Telegram High Quality Stories

Video stories on Telegram now load four times faster, providing a seamless viewing experience. Telegram Premium users also have the option to view video stories in higher quality, although this may result in increased data usage.

Additionally, all users can now control the playback speed of video stories, allowing for a more personalized viewing experience.

New Design for Shared Contacts

Messages containing shared contacts now have an improved design that reflects the selected color and emoji icons of the users in their Appearance Settings. This visual enhancement adds a touch of personalization to shared contact messages.

Improved Video Messages on iOS

Telegram has made several improvements to video message recording on iOS. Users can now enjoy clearer video quality, switch between front and back cameras more quickly, and experience reduced camera shake.

App Icons on macOS

Telegram for macOS now offers a wide selection of 15 icons for users to choose from. This feature allows you to customize your app’s appearance to match your theme or stand out in the dock.

To change your app icon, go to Settings > Appearance > App Icon.

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The Telegram Saved Messages feature is a powerful tool that enhances your messaging experience. With the ability to organize and access important content, send one-time voice and video messages, and control your privacy settings, Telegram provides a comprehensive and secure messaging platform. Stay tuned for future updates and features that will further enrich your Telegram experience.

In conclusion, the Telegram Saved Messages feature is a versatile tool that allows users to store and organize important messages, media, and links. With the recent update to Saved Messages 2.0, users now have even more control over their saved content. From viewing saved messages by chat to adding tags for better organization, Telegram continues to innovate and improve its messaging platform. So why not make the most of the Saved Messages feature and streamline your digital life? Start exploring the possibilities today!






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