How To Protect Telegram Account

How To Protect Telegram Account

The most important way to Protect your Telegram Account is activating the 2fa; Also there is some other ways to add more protection in your account and we explained it below.

Enable two step verification in telegram

As you know, Telegram is one of the most popular messengers around the world, which is used by many users. Due to the widespread use of Telegram, some users report that their accounts have been hacked. In this case, the Telegram account is no longer safe and hackers can access your personal information and chats. But don’t worry. Considering the history of this application, as expected, Telegram has provided solutions to protect the user account that I will explain you.

To activate the Telegram 2fa follow this steps:

Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification

Add real Members to your Telegram Channel

Add recovery email to telegram

To easy recover your telegram 2fa code you can add a Email to your telegram account and recover your code whenever you need.

If you enabled your 2fa but still recovery email not activated follow this steps:

Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification > Enter your password > Set Recovery Email

Increase telegram auto delete account time

Telegram have a feature to delete the inactive accounts automatically that helps telegram to reduce the unwanted database.

By default if you don’t use your telegram account for more long than 6 month, it will be delete by telegram automatically.

So we prefer to extend your auto-delete time by following these steps:

Settings > Privacy and Security > If Away For

Terminate telegram session

If you suspect that someone has entered your Telegram account without your permission, you can easily expel those people from your account by following this easy steps:

Settings > Privacy and Security > Show all sessions > Terminate all other sessions

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