whatsapp mass messaging

whatsapp mass messaging

In this case we will promote your business by sending whatsApp mass messaging. whatsApp mass message sender can improve your business quickly and safety.

Whatsapp mass messaging

WhatsApp is one of the oldest social media apps that too many businesses running on this platform.

This platform is using for managing products and customers.

You can also use it for Online Support, family and friend and dating chats and too many other usages.

This application have more than 1.3 billion users and we can say it’s one of the biggest social media apps.

One of the bests advantages of whatsApp is, you can link it to your Facebook account.

By this option you can refer your Facebook customers to your whatsApp and use it as your Online Support section.

Our team developed whatsApp mass message sender tool and we can improve your business and sales based on this effective tool.

How to mass message on WhatsApp

If you have a list of phone numbers and want to send mass advertisement messages to them we can help you as well.

We connected too many WhatsApp accounts to our panel to send WhatsApp mass messages without getting banned and avoid from limitations.

First of all you should get a list of phone numbers ready to share us.

After that place your order as many as you need.

We will place your order in the queue and it will be completed within 24 hrs.

If you don’t have any phone numbers, you can give us some WhatsApp group link.

We will extract their phone numbers for you by our tool.

Kindly note that, the groups that you providing should have less than 255 members to allow us join there.

We have some other similar and friendly methods to promote your business.

You can buy instagram direct messages and also buy telegram mass DMs from our website to increase your sales.






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