how to promote your website on telegram

how to promote your website on telegram

in this article we will show you how to promote your website on telegram group and channel and improve your website traffic organically and fast through telegram.

improve your website traffic organically

first of all we should say telegram is one of the best platforms to promote your businesses and improve your sales.

this wonderful social media app is a perfect place for marketing because it’s so flexible.

telegram API allow us to create too many methods for marketing and improvement the businesses.

we will explain some of this methods that we already using them below

telegram mass messaging service

that’s proud of MemberTel company to be the first company who can sending bulk messages through telegram.

you can use this service to promote your telegram channel, group and even your website and increase your website traffic organically.

this mass messaging service is targeted

so you can give us any kind of group link and we will extract their online members and will send your message to that people.

promote website on telegram group

another way to promote your website and improve your website traffic is advertising on telegram groups.

you can share your website link and posts in telegram groups and make some real traffic.

if you have a telegram group with real members so that’s ok but if you don’t have enough real members we can help you.

we can add targeted members to telegram groups for you.

we will extract the online members from your target group and will import them to your group.

it also can improve your telegram group SEO in long term.

promote website on telegram channels

another way is sharing your website articles in your telegram channel.

if you already using WordPress platform it’s so easy to share your website’s post to your channel automatically.

there is some plugins that you can already use them like WP telegram plugin.

it also can improve your website SEO as well.

inside of this method you can buy fake telegram members and it really help you to improve your channel in a short time.