How To Add Telegram Bots to Groups

add telegram bot to groups

In this article we want to show you how to Add Telegram Bots to Groups or channels

There is two methods that you can add a robot to your group or channel and make it as admin.

The telegram bots bring too many features for us to make the functions easier.

Also through the bots you can build a market and sell your product or services.

For example we selling Telegram Reactions and channel views and even telegram accounts through a flexible bot.

Steps of Add Telegram Bots to Groups

  1. in the telegram search box after writing @ type the name of the desired bot. (EX: @joinhiderbot)
  2. Select the bot from the search result
  3. Click on “start” to start the bot.
  4. Then go to the bot profile (robot logo)
  5. Click on “Add to group or channel option”
  6. Select your group or channel
  7. Allow or disallow the permissions
  8. Click on “Add bot as admin”

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How to remove a telegram bot from a channel or group

To remove the bot from a telegram channel or group, In the member’s list of the group or channel find the bot then hold your finger on it and then click on Remove

How to remove a telegram bot from a channel or group

Alternative method to add telegram bots to a group or channel

  1. Click on the group Logo and click on “Edit”
  2. then click on section Administrator
Go to Group Profile > Edit > Administrator > Add Admin > Write the bot's Username in the field > Done

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