How to Prevent People from Adding You to Telegram Group

How to Close Add Group Telegram

In this tutorial we want to show you How to add unlimited users to the Telegram group and also How to Close Add Group Telegram in some easy steps and want to catch your eyes about How to Prevent People from Adding You to Telegram Group. Sometimes you may find yourself unintentionally invited to various Telegram groups. You may be wondering why this happens.

And perhaps it can be annoying to constantly get added to lots of Telegram groups.

This is not unexpected to feel tired of it, especially if Telegram is your preferred messaging app and primary tool for communication.

However, we want to assure you that you don’t need to worry about this issue because, in this article, we are going to introduce a trick to prevent others from adding you to any Telegram group. Stay with us to learn about this trick.

How to Close Add Group Telegram – Tutorial

In this section, we want to talk about how to close add group telegram, which is the most important part of this article to Prevent People from Adding You to Telegram Group. Please pay attention to the below steps.

  1. First, you need to open the Telegram app.
  2. Access the main menu of the application. (The three-line menu is located at the top left corner.)
  3. Once you’ve opened the menu, go to the “Settings” section.
  4. In this step, you should find and tap on the “Privacy & Security” option.
  5. In this section, find the “Groups” option and select it.
  6. When you enter this section, you will be faced with a few sections and questions.
    Firstly, there is a question titled “Who can add me to groups?” In this section, there are two options. If you choose “My Contacts,” from now on, only your contacts will be able to add you to different groups. However, if you tap on “Everyone,” all individuals, including unknown people, can add you to Telegram groups. (Therefore, it makes sense that if you want to prevent being invited to groups, you should choose the “My Contacts” option.)
    you can also select the (Nobody) option and not allow anybody to ad you to telegram groups.
  7. Once you have selected the “My Contacts” option, you now need to tap on the “Never Allow” section and specify the individuals from your contacts that you want to restrict from this feature. You can even include all your contacts in this list for added certainty.
  8. After completing these steps, to finalize the process and apply the changes, you need to tap on the checkmark at the top of the page.

These were complete, step-by-step instructions for disabling group invitations on Telegram.

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Is this a sure way to prevent being added to a group?

If you follow the described steps, by selecting the “Nobody” option, you can definitively prevent anyone from inviting you to a Telegram group.

However, if you activate the “My Contacts” option, the feature will still be active for all your contacts until you select specific individuals from your contacts.

Therefore, if you intend to prevent anyone, including your contacts, from adding you to any group, you should activate the “Nobody” option.

How to add unlimited users to the Telegram group

To add unlimited users to the Telegram group you should use many accounts. Because according to Telegram rules, you can just add 30 people to your group with each account every day.

For example, if you use 10 accounts you can add 300 users in your group every day.

But if you want to do this method manually it can be an intolerable and time-consuming task. So, what can we do?
we suggest you use our product that called targeted telegram members to increase your group members in a short period of time.

Close Add Group Telegram

By default, in Telegram, all users can be added to various groups by others. This means that if you have a group, you can invite all your contacts to that group. You can even add people who are not saved in your contacts list to your group.

Due to this capability, some people create groups with thousands or even millions of members for various purposes. They may personally invite a large number of people or ask group members to do it and pay them for it.

Finally, users are tired of this situation, and using Telegram messenger has become a disaster for them.

Fortunately, the developers of Telegram have addressed this concern and provided a solution. Telegram allows you to Close Add Group Telegram and choose whether others can add you to different groups or not.

With this feature, no one can invite you to a Telegram group anymore. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to use this feature.

Is there any other way to prevent people from being added to the Telegram group?

Yes, there is another way to prevent people from being added to the Telegram groups.

By blocking the people who invite you to various groups, you can prevent them from having this capability. This method is only effective if you know the people who add you to groups and you are aware that they may do it again. In that case, you can go to their profile and block them.


As we mentioned in the article, people can invite you to their desired groups unless you access the Telegram settings and activate the intended option, allowing only your contacts to have this capability. By choosing this option, you can even further restrict all your contacts from adding you to various Telegram groups. We hope this article has helped you address this issue.






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