buy real telegram channel members

You need to buy real telegram channel members with bitcoin or PayPal ? you can also buy telegram channel followers […]


You need to buy real telegram channel members with bitcoin or PayPal ? you can also buy telegram channel followers or users as cheapest price rates as well.

Actually people calling this method, telegram channel force add members.

This is the best method to add bulk members to telegram channels.

Buy real telegram members

This members is like the fake members and they will not bring any activity for your channel.

In this case we will add buy telegram channel followers who using unofficial telegram applications

Kindly note that, this members are real peoples that can not bring any activity for your channels.

Because this members are added through and unofficial telegram app and your channel will be hidden for them and they can not see your channel.

It’s totally like fake members so we prefer to Buy Fake Telegram Members if you need low drop rate subscribers.

You can also Buy Telegram Auto Views for your channel to increase your post views.

Most of out customers using views service inside the fake members.

Telegram api allows the developers to create their own personal version of telegram.

It’s called unofficial telegram.

This members are humans (telegram users) and they can decide to stay in your channel or leave it.

But newly we added a future that called telegram hidden members.

So by activating this future we can add that people silently and they will not know added in your channels.

Also this method called telegram silent subscribers.

About 50% of this members will leaving during the time but if we activating the silent mode, drop rate will decrease.

Why you should buy real telegram channel members?

The benefits of telegram fake subscribers is we can add up to 1 million telegram channel members.

So this method is a good idea to buy bulk telegram members.

buy real telegram members

Buy telegram members PayPal and Master Card

No it will not hurt your telegram channel.

But we just received some feedbacks about views issue.

Seems like the channel post views number take more long than before to be updated.

Also telegram app can not detect real members to delete them because this members are humans and they are real users of telegram.

How long it takes to start my order?

Usually your order will be completed within 24 hrs because the speed of this method is so fast and the capacity per each day is so high.

Advantages of buy telegram users:

  • up to 1 million capacity
  • 10% post views
  • real subscribers
  • asian subscribers
  • ultra high speed (about 200k per day)
  • 100% safe

Disadvantages of real channel members

  • at least 50% drop rate

Kindly note that, this service have not guarantee because of telegram updates and policies

But by the way this method already is safe to use.

You can also buy telegram members with bitcoin as well.

Kindly note that if you want to buy fake telegram members you can use this package.

telegram real member adder

we developed the telegram real member adder for channels.

we using a special algorithm to avoid from blocking members and decrease the drop rate.

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